My Thoughts As I Leave School

It is with bittersweet feelings that we, the Batch of 2007, put behind us our years of school life to face our futures forth; there is joy for blooming opportunities ahead and gloom for past days that we can never live again. But above all, there is a mixed emotion felt when we remember the thoughts, trials, tests, tensions and triumphs of the times now gone.

For it was then that we strived and were rewarded, then that we slipped and were rescued, and above all, then that we loved and were loved back unconditionally. If there was a Heaven on Earth, we found it to be much closer than Kashmir.

Formally delivering a vote of thanks to our inimitable teachers would be distancing and deceiving ourselves to be that we actually know the extent of their untiring dedication and the enormity of the debt of gratitude that we owe them. Suffice it to say that no matter how splendid books and brains may be, without their patience and understanding, learning would be like an unlit lamp. The tribute we believe would seem most gratifying to our gurus  would be, that save for the principles and conscience they have imbibed in us, we could not have been growing into the men and women we aspire to be.

We have spoken and have been outspoken, we have fought and have been fought over, we have agreed to disagree and disagreed to agree, but most importantly, we have shared with, supported, sacrificed for and stood by our friends. The seeds of friendship have been well sown in childhood and adolescence, and with careful watering and regular tending, we believe that they will blossom into sturdy trees during adulthood.

We stand now at the threshold to the rigours of life; to a world none to caring or forgiving and a future far from tireless. Were it not for the things that we take with us as we graduate, life would seem far bleaker than it is. So what is it that we have stolen from school? Optimism and realism, pride and humility, confidence and the willingness to learn, and last but not the least, the ability to discern right from wrong.

They have been glorious years, chock-a-block with lessons, laughter, love, life and learning, and the memories of our days at CNMS will stay with us forever.

For truly, those were the best days of my life.

* * *

Note: Written at age sixteen for school magazine after Board exams.


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