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I hate alarms.

Wake up late. Fall off bed. Step on specs. Stumble to bathroom. One minute brush. Two minute shower. Three minute coffee. Four minute potty. Not that order.

Can’t find specs. Can’t find wallet. Can’t find clothes. Can find clothes. No clothes clean. Where are specs?

Wallet in clothes. Clothes in machine. Can’t find specs. Can’t find machine.

Found my specs. Wallet, clothes, bag. Nothing in bag. Pack my bag. Where are shoes? Shoes not polished. Wear my shoes. Leave home quick. Bang door shut.

Forget locking door. Forget the trash. Forget to zip. Lock the door. Trash in hand. Try to zip. Trash bag explodes.

Take deep breath. Wait for lift. Lift so slow! Lift door opens. Flee the building.

Reach bus stop. Pray for bus. No bus comes. Run for station. Bus goes by.

Reach station late. Train still there! Trains are late. Leap for door. Pass has expired. Curse my memory. Queue for ticket. Watch train leave. Buy my ticket. Curse my luck.

Catch Bandra Fast. Fast train slow. Miss train again. Catch next train. Slow trains slower.

King’s Circle station. Burst through exit. It is raining. Always is raining. Roads are flooded. Why’s it raining?

Reach college late. Stairs are slippery. Slip down stairs. Climb stairs again. Give self hernia. Open classroom door. Ask for permission.

Professor is glaring. Batchmates are staring. Professor is angry. Professor gives earful. Batchmates are laughing. Laughing is tearful.

Lectures whiz by. Professor in hurry. Understanding is blurry. Time for lunch.

Tiffin is late. I am later. Jaws work overtime. Shovel food in. Try finishing early. Finish food last. Dabbawallah is gone.

Head for library. Library is full. One seat left. Gallop towards seat. Beaten to seat. Retreat from library. Study on stairs. Lots to do. How to do? But must finish. How to finish? Do not finish.

Walk towards station. Know train timings. Will get train. Train passes by. Train is early. Why trains early? Miss train again.

Wait on platform. Listen to music. Spot angry professor. Melt into shadows. No shadows found. Found by professor. Encounter with professor.

Take next train. Meeting friend today. I am late. Reach meeting place. Where is friend? Friend also late. Speed meet friend. Goodbye to friend. Head for home.

Too much traffic. Walk home slowly. Reach home late. Miss favourite show. Call up Dad. Dad is busy. Hang up call. Am dead tired. Done for day.

Four minute potty. Three minute milk. Two minute shower. One minute brush. In that order.

Stumble from bathroom. Step on specs. Fall into bed.

In deep sleep.

I hate alarms.

* * *


14 thoughts on “TIME LESS EXISTENCE

  1. 🙂

    haha…. seriously…. nice…. i can imagine this… though im pretty sure its fiction…. no one will go to the lib now!!! anyways im rambling…

    okay now threaten me as usual…

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