Roving, buzzing, from pond to puddle

Looking for blood to dine,

Its scent must’ve gotten you all in muddle

For you chose to feast on mine.

Not that I put up much of a fight

Your sting I didn’t much mind,

I could have forgiven your vicious bite

If you hadn’t left vivax behind.

My nights were spent in feverish shivering

Days hoping, may night never fall,

I wondered, how comes, as I lay quivering

Such pain, from something so small.

Two weeks I’ve known you, to the date

Can’t say it’s been a pleasure,

Your name will stir up seething hate

And fear in equal measure.

In a week or two you will meet your end

Like the rest of your kind I loathe

Know that I’m already on the mend

For I am the stronger of us both.

* * *


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