When a clap on your back is no surprise

And an arm round your waist’s alright

When shoulders are handy for drooping heads

And a lap is your pillow tonight.

When an eye sees those that walk beside you

On the stragglers the other is set

When you worry for those who’re at their hearths

And those who haven’t reached home yet.

When you can be a patient ear

And listen to secrets unfold

When you’re content to let them be

For not all secrets can be told.

When you’re allowed to mock another

But not be cruel in your jest

When you find yourself the cause of mirth

And laugh out louder than the rest.

When a song reminds you of a friend

And a word of a jolly feat

When your mind is full of memories

Too embarrassing to repeat.

When ‘we’ and ‘our’ are heard more often

You would say ‘I’ and ‘me’ before

When all that’s theirs is yours to use

And yours is not just yours anymore.

When you hide no part of who you are

And needn’t think twice ‘fore you have your say

When mind and soul are laid bare to them

For they will have you no other way.

When you are known to far and many

But are dear only to some

When you sorely yearn for days gone by

Even more for those to come.

* * *


7 thoughts on “CLOSER

  1. this poem is absolutely beautiful ! if you do publish your book someday, i really wouldn’t be surprised if it goes and figures with the bestsellers. or the next thing to bestsellers 🙂 ..

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