Hang off the footboard. Feel the rain. Skim trees. Sing. Jump into a pool. Pretend to drown. Thrash water. Scream. Board a crowded bus. Stamp someone’s foot. Your own. Howl. Be a troublesome student. Get thrown out. Start leaving. Strut. Make noise in libraries. Blame someone else. Look innocent. Smirk. Dine at fancy restaurants. Use your fingers. Lick them. Sigh.

Argue with a rickshawallah. Call him names. Cuss freely. Win. Visit a dollar store. Pick an item. Find manager. Haggle. Board long distance flights. Lean on neighbour. Doze off. Drool. Enter a government building. Speak in Marathi. Impress clerks. Leave. Walk by a policeman. Call him pandu. Look back. Run. Call a woman fat. Get a visa. Pack bags. Flee.

Don’t clean your room. Add more junk. Tempt fate. Fry. Sneak the car out. Look away momentarily. Crash it. Roast. Cover for a friend. Lie through teeth. Get caught. Sizzle. Get your nipples pierced. Grow a beard. Come home. Stew. Be a fickle relative. Forget an anniversary. Plead mercy. Live. Be a tardy friend. Forget a birthday. Risk death. Die.

Spot a pretty girl. Sit beside her. Turn sideways. Stare. Vie for her attention. Catch her eye. Exchange glances. Wink. Accidentally drop her things. Pick them up. Return them. Smile. Drop your own things. Hastily bend over. Smile sheepishly. Laugh. Don’t repeat old jokes. Make a wisecrack. Say hello. Talk. Learn to listen first. Keep in touch. Keep talking. Rejoice. 

Watch a movie alone. Mouth the dialogues. Hum along. Cry. Read a good book. Forget the clock. Till dawn. Bunk. Rise early on Sundays. Go for walks. Admire sunrises. Glow. Hold a little baby. Pull its cheeks. Sing lullabies. Sway. Buy an old guitar. Pretend to play. Air guitar. Rock. Clear a dusty attic. Find old photographs. Frame them. All.

Be who you are. Be natural always. Be yourself. Be.

* * *


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