I have been writing this blog for one year, four months and three days. Here’s why:

1. Compulsion: I cannot not write. Composing poems on the back of question papers, saving stray thoughts as draft messages on my cell phone, waking up in the dead of night with the idea for my first blog post – the urge to write is irresistible.

2. Expression: Were my mind linked to Twitter, there’d be hundreds of updates an hour – all incoherent. Writing makes me channelize my thoughts into something rational and readable. This is how I best express myself.

3. Wordplay: Some doodle, some dance; I mess around with words to keep myself occupied. I love to find an unexpected rhythm, inadvertent puns and an unpractised style creeping into my work. And I am inordinately proud of this sentence I constructed – ‘Do you really want to initiate contact with something that carries the bacterial signatures of dubious backsides?’ I don’t know about you, but it still cracks me up.

4. Skill: I think. I note. I think again. I organise. I write. I edit. And edit again. It sometimes takes teeth-gritting efforts to find an elusive adjective, helpful adverb or basic preposition. And a heart of stone to then throw most of them into the verbal waste-basket so that I stick to my self-imposed limit of 500 words. In the end though, it’s always worth it.

5. Art: It’s immensely satisfying to lighten a gloomy line with gay entendre, sculpt a shapeless pile of words into a sharp-edged sentence, and place sentences together in a paragraph so that they’re just so. Every post I write is my own creation, and I like to put it out there for others to see.

6. Entertainment: It’s nice to know that some of you enjoy reading my work. I try to question, puzzle and convince you; make you understand, feel and laugh. And I put in at least two hours of brainwork into each post to ensure that it’s worth the five minutes you take to read it.

7. Appreciation: I love it. Some of you comment immediately after reading, many like/comment on the Facebook link, a few sometimes share it with others. And then there are those of you who call/message/personally meet me to let me know which post you liked, and why. I love that even more.

8. Posterity: Reading my older posts makes me cringe, and appreciate how I’ve grown as a writer. I now have an indelible presence on the web; ego-searching on Google yields several relevant results on the first page itself.

9. Future: I’d like to write my way into the future. I want to write on bigger platforms. Someday, I’d like earn from my writing. I need to write better for that; writing often is one way to get there.

The reason I’m writing this is because I’m currently in the middle of a severe case of writer’s laze. Hopefully, writing about writing will get me writing again.

* * *


12 thoughts on “WHY I WRITE

  1. hahahaha….dude this was great…i havent updates my blog fr soooo long nw….a very looong writers’ lazy syndrome if u ask me!!! but after reading this…will take time to rite some stuff !!!

  2. you were also genetically engineered and indoctrinated with certain qualitiesthat prompts you to let loose a volley of words fortunately not with the instrument that you express vocally/orally

  3. this article convinces me all the more that that u shud have been a writer…..n its good to noe dat you are still doing that in a way

  4. i can see a reflection of mine in most of the points but the one i connect to most is the first one…i too tend to scribble on my question papers and wake up in the middle of night to write away the nomadic thought that happensa to pass by…

  5. Chip of the old block aha Mrigank.Sunil and Me go back to the ancient times.Yeah it was bound to happen if I am not mistaken.Skill sets move from parents to off springs.Loved your writing and would be writing it regularly in the days to come.

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