When dawn is dark, mornings are grey

Noon-times are dreaming thoughts Zen

Evenings at Not Just Jazz By The Bay

You’re sleepy by eight, sleeping by ten.

Just one more hour in bed is three

Your joints wake up later than you

Your eyes cannot see, for your lids are not free

And morning lectures have a crowd of two.

A boil that fogs the shower stall

Morning walkers in muffler-ed bliss

A woollen shawl, monkey caps too small

An extra blanket is never amiss.

When a quart of brandy, is just rum

Hands round a steaming dabba linger

Kaanda-bhaji is yum, vada-pav ho-hum

A tea-cup cocked in a happy finger.

Holidays spent in wanton much-merry’s

End-of-year sales we do admire

Christmas at Mount Mary’s, Elephanta ferries

Bahadur toasting his hands on a fire.

By the time you flip the page to Jan

And into your childhood sweaters fit

Open windows ban, turn off the fan

Winter’s gone before you know it.

 * * *


5 thoughts on “BOMBAY WINTERS

  1. i too have written a poem or two on winter and was thinking to post them on my blog.
    must say that ur poem is much of a descriptory thing, and effortlessly describes typicalities of winter.
    good work 🙂

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