Run to King’s Circle. Train to CST. Cab to Gateway. Ferry to Mandwa. Bus to Alibaug. Tum-tum to Cheool village. Postcard sunset. Twenty friends. The weekend ahead.

Pretty old cottage. Wooden balcony. Swing on porch. Blue shutters. Hidden by trees. In the middle of nowhere. A retreat.

Chairs by poolside. Soft yellow lighting. Soul-stirring music. Good food. Few plates. Sharing.

Stuffed. Hammock. Swaying. Breeze. Bliss.

Eyelids drooping. Heads dropping. Streeeeeetch. Time to…what’s that? Really? Conversation. Laughter. Interrogation. A secret unfolds. And another.


Maggi for breakfast. Maggi for lunch. Maggi langar. Egg butter salt. Amateur cooks. Omelette. Yum.

Jump in pool. Pool small. Some people big. Law of displacement. Who cares? Water fight!

Volleyball. Stunts. Dives. Scares. Photos. Photos. More photos.

Inflatable float. Lie on float. Pepsi in hand. Bask in sun. Close eyes. Dream. Open eyes. Coconut trees. White clouds. Blue sky. Wow.

Capris. Sunglasses. Chappals. Hat. Venture out. Village lanes. Charming homes. Fragrance of the earth. Not a leaf stirs. The world is green.

Beach is blue. Sand golden. High tide. Clear waters. Chappals in hand. Feet in foam. Walk.

Finding shells. Collecting them. Borrowing bikes. Cycling into the sunset.

Night sky clear. So many stars. Joining the dots. There’s Orion. And there’s…shooting star! Clench eyes shut. Make wish. Exhale.

Too many  people. Too few beds. So what? Lie down. Touch. Shoulders elbows knees.  Wiggle. No place to move. Don’t want to move. What too many people?

Think. Feel. Bond. Say. Do. Smile. Remember.

Life. As good as it gets.

* * *


12 thoughts on “WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD

  1. Dude, you’ve developed this superb style of writing. I love it!
    I’m not gonna attempt doing it with my stories, ’cause yours seem just perfect.

  2. Sosha directed my attention to your blog and I just couldn’t help thinking how exactly dissimilar our writing styles are 🙂 Loved reading this post. Was like a breath of fresh air. Back to basics. At the end of the day, maybe all we want is elementary.

    • Thanks Dhwani! A few months after I started blogging, I realised that what I was writing was way more complicated than what I’d like to read. So I started simplifying things, being more reader-friendly, without compromising (hopefully) on quality. I find it works.
      About writing styles – it’s fun to change them every now then, no? Challenging yourself, surprising yourself, keeping your readers interested.
      Thanks for stopping by.

      • I know what you mean. As a blogger who blogs for no particular audience, I am always in two minds about whether to simply stuff for the sake of my reader, or just let it be. Recently, I’ve let it be, allowing my rambling interior monologue to take over that inherent simplicity. And when I try read it from an outsider’s perspective, it feels so tedious. So, well done! 🙂 Will try this some day too.

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