Videography and Music: Nihit Mhatre
Script and Narration: Mrigank Warrier.

Special Thanks: Dhruv Ambegaokar.

Shot in Bhandara, Tadoba, Konkan, Goa, Bharatpur and Bera. Best experienced in HD, with earphones.

This is the first time we’ve attempted anything on this scale. Please take a moment to post your opinion about the video and its theme as a comment. And if you like it. share it.



9 thoughts on “THE INTERLUDE: A Short Film

    • Beautiful visuals, play of light and music. Great juxtaposition of thoughts- loved the metaphorical bent. Always enjoy your blog, Mrigank- keep it up. Kudos to the brain and eyes behind the camera too!

  1. Hi! Thought-provoking voice-over, beautiful music, stunning visuals (especially loved that shot around the thorny leafless tree) and brilliant editing. I’m running out of adjectives!

  2. This is truly a Sensory delight.From the moving clouds to the rowing boat.From the feet that made a mark to the silhouettes and shadows.The beats ,as the end approaches, add a good tempo . Narration has a good pace .
    Adding your own subtitles could be a good idea as it fixes the sensory experience to one i.e visual as one skips the narration at times(and has to go back) because of the visual attention. The subtitles that I see on YouTube,are incorrect.

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