About Me

I’m a twenty-six year old doctor living in Mumbai, India. My blog is my way of letting go.

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Here are the links to the articles I’ve written about Bombay, for The City Story. Some were republished in The Asian Age.

I wrote here about a month-long solo backpacking trip.

Look here if you want to read what I wrote for a parenting portal. Don’t ask.

I’ve written short stories here

Two of my posts were republished by the Deccan Herald and FirstPost.

You can contact me at drmrigank@gmail.com.


34 thoughts on “About Me

  1. hi mrigank..i like d way u write..cud feel an honesty in it…wud like to know if dis name is real..keep writing…

  2. Hi Mrigank, myself, Dr Balagopal Warrier, pediatrician by profession. Luvd ur recent posts – for Drs. and Pangs… Good writing. Keep going.

  3. Hi Thanks! You just made my day and reminded me again of why I do what I do, and to love my work, again!
    (GP; Family physician)

  4. So true!when my children were still small, they complain why I’m always out of the house. Sometimes I go home only to change my clothes. Sometimes I come home when they’re already fast asleep and leave before they wake up. During recognition day, they will only include my husband’s name to pin them their medals because they said I might not come. I have to bring them with me to the hospital and let them stay in the residents quarters or have them enter the nursery, donning my o.r blouses so they will understand what I do (I’m an Obstetrician). I’m so blessed to have 2 children after I got married at age 30 and before I had my menopause at an early age (40) because of stress. All my sacrifices are paid off everytime I deliver babies and see God’s miracle. It is so good to see the relief and happiness of the people around me every time a healthy baby is delivered.
    Keep it up. You are blessed to be a physician.

  5. Such a stunning reflection of life as a medico !!! Hats off ! you’ve penned down exact feelings and events of every medical professional! Many congratulations for unmatched description of the real scenario 🙂

  6. Hey, I just spent an hour at work reading your blog. Don’t remember when was the last time that happened. Good Job! You write exceptionally well. 🙂

  7. Reading your blog well into the second hour of my glucose tolerance test. Your writing has made the sugar crash bearable. Excellent stuff!

  8. U made my day…. I am sitting for entrance coaching for pg and was wondering where my life was headed… I love being a doctor. .. but there r days wen its frustrating wid every 1 around us having such gr8 expectations… tht was wen I chanced upon ur writing. .. truly amazing. .. kip up the gud work…

  9. Read your post “to being doctors to be” a while ago-and loved it..but since the friend who sent it to me had ‘cut-pasted’ the article,there was no link…
    Then today my cousin posted “yenna rascalla!”, this time complete with link and a little bit of extra reading showed me you were the author of the other article i had enjoyed so much..so kudos for both!!
    As an intern I can totally relate-sofar have been coughed/sneezed on innumerable times,gotten pus and other body fluids over my hands and clothes, had a needle prick injury-and though the patient was seronegative,well he could be in the window period so am still getting tested…not to mention the tasks seniors see fit assign which range from borderline foolish to absolutely ridiculous-but have gotta to be done without protest by me and my fellows, being the bottom rung of the totem pole that is the hospital infrastructure…and lets not forget the animosity most patients tend to develop, seeing as we’re the ones to wake them up at all sorts of hours to check this and that, stick tubes into all sorts of orifices, and draw blood an insane number of times-so much so they suspect its being used for nefarious purposes despite our rather exhausted and unethusiastic protests that its not as if we Like sticking needles into them at every possible oppurtunity( I dont blame them though-our propensity for being up all night, affinity for blood and dark circles that reach our cheeks probably makes them suspect us of vampirism-the actual scary kind, not the recent sparkly kind)
    But then for the numerous rubbish errands for consultants, the glares and “madam aap toh roz hi aa jaate ho khoon nikalne”, “aaram se karo na,samajh nahi aata dard ho raha hai”, the actual bites and scratches for screaming kids being held while whatever is done…there is one sweet lady on chemotherapy that you’ve administered through the night-who in response to an antiemetic given,and a few words of reassurance that they will operate after this round and shes going to be fine,even her hair will grow back-holds you’re hand and says “Aap bohot achhe ho.” and suddenly..its all worth it again.

    I also have quite a bit to say regarding the other two posts I’ve read- but I think I’ve blabbered quite enough so this is gonna be short(hopefully!)i sympathise and empathise completely with “yenna rascalla!” (and am not gonna elaborate cuz it could go on and on)..and “brother of the bride was humorous and sweet-as a total romantic,loved the last line!…oh and really?Two states appropriate research material??!!! I have no words so here’s me *indignant and spluttering*. As a total bookworm, with not too much time on her hands to read what she wants anymore, lets just say I’ve stopped reading his books quite a while ago.

    Reading this made me want to write again,time constraints notwithstanding(Its been a while-when i do get time off i prefer to sleep or spend time with people)…and I look forward to reading more 🙂 You made a rather ill moping in bed cuz-she-doesnt-want-to-go-for-work-tomorrow-but -has-to-anyway person smile, so thank you for that!!
    And as you can see I have a tendency to meander, a LOT, but need to get back and study something, since Ive been prewarned regarding a consultant Im posted with, who asks questions..so Im gonna sign off here!!

  10. Very impressed! You said your writing is about letting go… I write for the same reason. Your passion for your work comes through in the insights you share so beautifully! Hold that spirit close in the years ahead! Best wishes!

  11. Yenna Rascala brought me to your blog.
    South Indians are always at the butt of jokes!! Ive maintained the notion that it is because we are able to laugh at ourselves too!But, your ponts strike straight home! and “..I will Chammak Challo your arse to oblivion,..” is classic!! 😀

    Btw, I hate Lola Kutty too!!!

    And I’ve got to tell you, I got hooked reading your other posts too. You have a way with words that just makes one think, “Wow! I never thought about it that way..!”

    To make a long comment short, I just LOVE your blog!

  12. i would always notice mrigank’s blog on unnati’s blog(blog roll). i only had a cursory glance once. i stumbled upon more articles after reading the article on yenna rascala.

    and you must know that your article (yenna rascala) is going viral on facebook 🙂

    and if you were to find out who is playing a small role in marketing it on whatsapp, trust me 😀

  13. Wow!… your words… your ability to portray every thought just the way you feel it… its amazing!… awesome read!

  14. There’s hardly any time or effort left after reading through one’s own blogroll, consisting of a well knit group of fellow bloggers… But when all of them undergo writers’ block at the same time (a rare event), you expand territories. And that is how I found your blog. Love it! Subscribing it now.

  15. I love your writing, the humorous posts and the more serious ones. I love what you write about your profession, it serves as a reminder that doctoring is the noblest profession there is. Cheers!

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